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How to use Big Bud by Advanced Nutrients


Advanced Nutrients Big Bud is probably the best, if not one of the best flowering stimulators on the market. Dedicated exclusively to the cultivation of cannabis, Big Bud is a booster specially formulated to enhance the buds fatten up to maximum levels, but requires good, rich compost base to develop their best benefits.




Currently we buy Big Bud liquid or powder in different formats according to the size of our garden. Using Big Bud between the second and sixth week of flowering indoors or outdoors can benefit up to 20% of production in our crops.

Methodology for cultivation:
Continued use between the second and sixth week of flowering Big Bud adding to our irrigation water.

Recommended dosage:

1-6ml/5litros (liquid)

G/5litros 0,5-1.5 (powder)

We have tested Big Bud in our crops and recommend:

Do not add water for irrigation:

- Before the second week to 12 (indoor)

- Before the appearance of first flowers (outdoors).

Additional recommendations: Remove from the nutrient solution at the end of the sixth week to 12 (indoor). replace it with Overdrive. This replacement will provide the best ratios of fertilizer plants for seventh and eighth weeks.

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